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Home Performance Test

Home Performance Audit Rebate
Home Improvement Measures Rebate - 2018

Remodeling Soon?  Drafty Home?  High Heating Costs? 
Home performance test - $300 rebate
Rebate available for testing on homes built prior to 2013

With a home performance audit, a certified consultant will come to your home to help identify areas that would benefit most from improvements.  They will perform a blower door test to create a negative pressure which will help show if there are air leaks in the home.  The home performance audit will consist of the following:

  • Measure air infiltration with a blower door test
  • Show the drafts, leaks and problem areas of your home using an infrared camera
  • Measure attic insulation
  • Measure exhaust ventilation to see if, and to what extent, it is working
  • Provide you with a detailed list of improvements

After you’ve made improvements, the consultant will retest the home and let you know if the improvements are complete and effective. The test takes approximately two to three hours.  You will benefit more if you are there while the test is being performed.

Up to $1000 incentive for qualified improvements
Rebate is calculated on 30% of the cost of improvements.
Incentive available for improvements to homes built prior to 2013.


  • Copy of the detailed home performance report provided to you by the consultant
  • Copy of the receipts from any of the measures taken that were suggested by the consultant and result in improved energy efficiency
  • Copy of the invoices from hired contractors, if applicable
  • Copy of post-test showing reduction of air infiltration (a reduction must be shown in order to qualify for the rebate)
  • Completed rebate form detailing the improvements made

Rebates must be submitted by January 1, 2019. 
Rebates available until December 31, 2018, or until funds are depleted.

For more information call member services, ext. 595, or contact us by e-mail.


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